What Will I Expereince?


His Oaks is residential program which requires a 12 month commitment, although some
​men may complete sooner than 12 months.  Each resident will pass through three phases.
The exact duration of each phase will be determined by staff in light of each resident's progress. 
   PHASE ONE:  Ninety days or determined by staff. Starting with a thirty-day orientation and blackout: no phone, no computer. Calls to doctors, lawyers, jobs etc. are permitted. This phase allows staff to identify the very specific problems residents are dealing with and allows us to introduce new ways of navigating life through biblical application. In all phases staff is continually identifying and helping to make correction in actions, thoughts and attitudes.  After the initial blackout time the remaining portion of this phase is spent in house doing regularly scheduled meetings, work and counselling.  Following the initial blackout period, residents are permitted visits per the resident's standing and behavior.  To pass from phase to phase the resident must have met all requirements of the previous ​phase and have an agreeable evaluation from the staff.  

   PHASE TWO:  Three+ months - determined by staff. During this
phase, the resident will continue with regularly scheculed meetings, work
​and couseling.  As you progress, we will want you to find a job or to finish schooling.  Job and or schooling must allow resident to meet requirements of the phase along with being a viable part of the community. The resident will be responsible for making and keeping all counselling appointments. Preferably no 2nd or 3rd shift jobs or working for one’s self.  During the 2nd phase the resident can start attending a church of their choosing after it is cleared with staff. They will have a four-hour window to go and must be accompanied by a staff approved person. The purpose is to get rooted in a local church. They are not to be going to different churches weekly. The main purpose of this phase is to continue to establish the resident in their faith, and to 
provide an immersion experience with the circumstances a man will face upon leaving the house. Staff will continue to interact and give counsel and guidance with the issues the resident faces as he integrates back into the world.  

   PHASE Three:  90 days or determined by staff.  The resident continues working while meeting the requirements of the program. Residents will continue with weekly group meetings, Bible studies and counseling.  During this phase, the resident should be working towards transitioning out of the program.  During this phase we will ask the resident to establish a relationship with a mentor that has been vetted by the staff - who also attends their home church weekly. This mentor relationship will be established to help the resident with long term recovery goals. Though the resident is still in the program, we would begin to ecourage more and more independence.  Our goal is to see a man become a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, who expresses his faith by becoming a committed member of a local church, who actively contributes to the ministry of his church, and who aids the church in its mission of making new disciples.  During this phase we will also focus on individual needs such as: completion of GED or high school diploma, responsible financial management, resume building, interviewing skills, job searches, marraige and family relationships, and biblical parenting principles.    
Everybody Shares The Load
During the
 entire time at His Oaks, each resident is responsible to share in the work around the house.  This includes, preparing meals, washing dishes, doing laundry, mopping, sweeping, cleaning, dusting and other household chores that are necesary to keep the house funtioning properly.  

Everybody Serves Others 
At His Oaks we actively partipate in community service projects to assist churches and other community orginizations.  We want to reflect the heart of Christ to our community and develop a servant's heart in each man.  This usually includes cooking for various shelters, assistance to the elderly in any need, which may include yard work, home repairs, cleaning gutters, shoveling snow etc.   

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