The Program


PHASE ONE – Ninety days or determined by staff. Starting with a thirty-day orientation and blackout: no phone, no computer. Calls to doctors, lawyers, jobs etc. are permitted. Four hour visits are permitted on property during this period after seven to ten days. The remaining sixty days of first phase are spent in house doing the regularly scheduled meetings, work and counselling. Two twelve hour visits per month are allowed and are granted per the residents standing and behavior. To pass from phase to phase the resident must have met all requirements of the previous phase and have an agreeable evaluation from staff. Time is not the determining factor in phase progression. This phase allows staff to identify the very specific problems that the residents are dealing with and allows us to introduce new ways of navigating life to the residents through biblical application. In all phases staff is continually identifying and helping to make correction in actions, thoughts and attitudes.

PHASE TWO : Ninety days or determined by staff. The resident is required to find work go to school or adhere to any arraignment that they and staff have made. Job and or schooling must allow resident to meet requirements of the phase along with being a viable part of the community. The resident must be responsible for making and keeping all counselling appointments. Preferably no 2nd or 3rd shift jobs or working for one’s self. Resident is allowed one twelve and one twenty-four-hour pass per month in the first two months of the phase in the last month of the phase which should be about the sixth month of the program the resident will be allowed two twenty-four hour passes. During the 2nd phase the resident can start attending a church of their choosing after it is cleared with staff. They will have a four-hour window to go and must be accompanied by someone staff has approved of, the purpose of this is for the resident to get rooted in their local church. They are not to be going to different churches weekly. This is not a visit, and continuous deviations or asking to deviate from this repeatedly will lead to this privilege being revoked. The main purpose of this phase is so the resident has contact with the circumstances he will face and in doing so will then be able to bring these back to the staff and learn how to walk out the Christian walk in the face of diversity and blessing. Not only must we be able to overcome, we must be prepared for the blessings of God and how to manage them while being an appropriate reflection of him.

PHASE THREE : Ninety days or determined by staff. Resident continues working while meeting the requirements of the program. Now the minimum to be met is two church meetings or bible studies a week, weekly counseling with the resident counselor a meeting with staff weekly and any assignments given are to be completed. Residents must be in any group or meeting that is taking place on the premises when they are there unless other arraignments have been made. In this phase passes, should increase in some sort of progression such as, two twenty-four and two forty-eight hour passes in the first six weeks, if resident is in good standing now we should begin to formulate transition. Such as leaving for work on Thursday morning and returning on Monday either after work or for bible study. At the beginning of this phase is when a resident should start having a weekly or bi weekly meeting with a mentor that has been vetted by staff, along with attending their home church weekly. Though the resident is still in the program we would begin to encourage more and more independence and the fullness of relationship with God, dependence on it with the help of others should be being continuesly honed now having been established. This is really when the residents start to give out of the gift that God has freely given them.

The Program Format


His Oaks is a program for lack of a better word that has been established to reconcile men to God through the hope, experience and guidance of biblical principles and application.  Staff works with men who have learned to navigate life in ways that do not benefit themselves or others, recognizing that the problems these men continuously get tangled in are symptoms and not the root issues. Many of our residents have suffered past traumas at the hands of their selves and others, leaving them to reconcile these problems any way possible. Some through alcohol, drugs, pornography, anger, rebellion or just the inability to gain traction in life. By identifying the root causes staff can lead the men in the transforming of their minds and the break which it takes in becoming a new creation. Equipping our residents with knowing the truth and the actions that will help them walk it out, redeeming them to relationship with God and their given purpose. Our board is comprised of church leaders and pastors of local congregations, which oversee and give staff counsel.

 Study – His Oaks staff will determine and implement multiple areas and foundational teachings that are relevant to the Christian walk. prayer and bible study are emphasized and encouraged and we are very happy to say that this is done by the men at various times by their own volition. The bible truly is good news, once the men learn God’s character and experience the liberty that this brings they can then make a break from the past. becoming what they have not yet been and beging to witness the ability to be a new creation with the affirming of Gods word. In correlation to that we will be assisting the men in Academic Studies. Those needs could include studying for successful completion of their G.E.D. or High School Diploma, College, Academic Skill Refreshment Courses, Responsible Fiscal management, Future Career Training opportunities, Resume Building and Interviewing skills, Job Searches and Future Employment. We believe through the examples we demonstrate and skills we teach we can provide the men with the abilities to be self-sufficient but not self-centered in various aspects of life including Personal, Financial and most importantly Relational now having been reconciled to God. Enabling them to take on their perspective roles as Husbands, Fathers, Mentors and Leaders but most of all to be true reflections of Christ.

 Self-Reliance – The staff shares this responsibility with the men. The men will be taught to cook meals and clean the house including but not limited to washing dishes, doing laundry, mopping, sweeping, dusting and other household chores to run a functional home, making it easier for those who have not lived independently to do so.

 Service – At His Oaks we actively participate in community service projects to assist churches and other community organizations to reflect Christ and teach the men a role of service. This usually includes cooking for various shelters, assistance to the elderly, in any need which can include yard work, home repairs, cleaning gutters, shoveling snow etc.


If you are wondering what a week at His Oaks would look like, here is our weekly schedule:

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