Trever Primus

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Trever Primus has been walking with the Lord for twenty seven years after the revelation that he was a broken creation in need of his Creator to make all things right.

Trever brings a certain experience to the staff that has cost him and his family a great deal. Only thru the Lord this has been made possible now wishing to share those experiences which have made him free from drugs, anger, violence, and institutions.
Trever is a husband to his loving wife, Shelly, who has been an example of Christ in his life. They have three great children and a granddaughter that brings them joy daily. The two of them have continued the experience of the Christian walk in their lives and marriage since 1989.
Having worked in the construction field for over twenty-five years, he has been a leader of men and proprietor of businesses and has now come to the calling God has always intended for him.
Trever is a graduate of Teen challenge who has served the body of Christ in many ways over the years. Trever and Shelly have gratefully found themselves at His Oaks in the service of the Lord

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