Serving the Community

Local Community Support

His Oaks is a place that men can come to and identify the pressures of life and roots of their addictions and social difficulties. We seek to provide an atmosphere of safety, discipline and stability all-the-while confronting these issues by biblical application and disciplines. It is our goal to benefit these men so they in turn can benefit and impact the kingdom of God and the establishment of it. Through various biblical avenues and relationship, we will counsel these men with the hope of identifying purpose and skills that will enhance their ability to navigate life on its own terms. One of these venues is to integrate them into community by assisting them in developing Christlikeness and efficient work ethic. How do we plan to accomplish this? We partner with local non-profits, organizations, business, etc. It is our intention to be a blessing to our local community and to impact it, along with teaching the men that when they see a need they should meet that need.


Ministry Outreach and Partnerships

His Oaks Ministry is looking to build lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with churches within our community. We hope and pray we will accomplish this by:

• Creating equipped leaders who will impact the local church body.
• Helping with community outreach projects.
• Assisting with work and relief projects.
• Meeting needs in your church and ministry.
• Partnerships with your church in the active discipleship of the men.
• Service within church functions and events.


Nickerson Park Family Campground
-Chaplin, Connecticut

Nial Construction, Inc.
-Newport, NH

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