How Do I Apply?

Please Read The Following Information Carefully. 
If You Are In Agreement, Please Download the Application Below and Forward It To Us
Pease Note:  The application must be filled out and submitted by the person applying. ​​
  The Program:
​  His Oaks is a smoke-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free environment. We allow appropriate medical prescriptions. We accept no state or federal monies for the program participation fee, and accept only adults (over 18 years of age). His Oaks does not accept payment from any health insurance programs.  Acceptance and continued participation in the program(s) offered is strictly at the discretion of His Oaks Ministries.

   A week at His Oaks consists of a blend of individual and group counseling/mentoring, small group class time, worship, and physical labor (i.e. property maintenance, animal chores, house chores, community service projects.) Living together in a home means that participants share in the chores and up keep of the property.  Spiritual Formation is a key component of this ministry.  Residents are expected to focus daily on a personal walk with Jesus Christ.  Daily Bible reading and small group participation are a requirement of the program.  
His Oaks Ministry is a Residential
Faith Based Opportunity For Men
With Life Dominating Behaviors
We provide a safe environment helping men
(18+) overcome life’s challenges through
a transformational process.  Our goal is to help you make a successful reentry into you family, church, and community.
  His Oaks is a faith-based program.  After acceptance of your application you will need to submit an initial acceptance fee. ($500.00)  We ask that this initial fee be paid by the candidate. (If at all possible)  Thereafter, we ask each participant to recruit a sponsor(s) that will contribute to your ongoing financial needs. The monthly amount each participant is asked to contribute is $450.00  Most partcipants have churches, family members or businesses that aid them in their monthly support.  That being said, we have never turned anyone away from lack of funds. 

  Complete the “Participant Application” below and mail or email it to His Oaks. Upon receipt, the ministry will review the application and contact the applicant within 5-7 days about the status of the application and schedule interviews. In person interviews are preferred, however if distance is a problem, we will interview you over the phone. After the interview process, the applicant is contacted within 2 - 4 days as to whether an offer to join the program has been extended. Upon acceptance of the offer and at the applicant's request, he is placed on a waiting list (if necessary) until we have an opening, the applicant will be notified of an intake date.

  The following information and expectations are given to help you understand the commitment you are about to make.
​Participant Guidelines that are more detailed are provided with the application packet and will be provided upon intake.  

What you can expect:
*  An environment which allows you to focus on transformation in a relationship with the Lord.
*  To be respected as a person created in the image of God.
*  Genuine Christian love and care
*  Guidance and direction
*  Appropriate feedback on character and attitude

What is expected of you:
*  Sincerity: You must have a sincere desire to change in character and conduct.
*  Honesty: Mutual trust is important. Complete honesty and openness is the goal as you begin to trust the process at His Oaks and the
    people placed in your life to help you.
*  Humility: Pride hinders a person from coming under authority and structure of His Oaks and also hinders teachability
*  Obedience: We request compliance to the guidelines and the authority structure. It is essential for us to be able to help you.
*  Commitment: The first 30 days of Introduction (Phase 1) is a time to establish relationships, to become familiar with the house and
    program, and develop a progress plan. At the end of that time, we ask commitment to the program if we believe you are ready and we
    are able to help. Remaining in the program requires a commitment to continued personal transformation in character and conduct.
*  Diligence: You must demonstrate a willingness and growing ability to follow the program structure and satisfactorily complete
    homework, journaling, and work duties with a positive and teachable attitude.

Understand the following:
*  His Oaks Ministry is an explicitly Christian program to help men grow in their faith so that they will be set free of the strongholds
    that have sabatoged their life. Transformation is the goal which means that your current thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
    are exposed so that core beliefs about yourself, God, and others can change! (We believe for the better.)
*  As a participant, you must exhibit the character and conduct of a follower of Jesus Christ.
*  Staff provides supervision and accountability for you. Some might be younger and less experienced in some ways.
*  The home at His Oaks is a shared living space – privacy and personal space is limited.
*  The schedule is structured and free time is limited.
*  This is a program that focusses on engagement in relationships with God and others in the house and community.
If You Are Interested in Applying to His Oaks, Please Download One of the Application Forms Below.
Download this form
to fill out by hand.

Print the form. Fill it out.  
Mail the completed
form to:
His Oaks
147 Union Road
Eastford, CT 06242
Download this form to utilize
a fillable computer form.

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Save the completed form to your computer and email it back to: 

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